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Extrusion – a versatile manufacturing process

Extrusion is a molding process used, among other things, for thermoplastics. Basically, in this process, solid to viscous mass – the extrudate – is pressed through a shaping opening under high pressure and high temperatures. This is known as a …
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Joining and cutting with ultrasonic technology

Probably the best known and most frequently used welding processes are MIG/MAG welding and TIG welding. These methods work only conditionally or not at all for plastics. For joining plastics, we use ultrasonic technology in our systems. In this article, …
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Rotary encoder – structure and function

The basic principle of the encoder is the conversion of mechanical movements into electrical signals. These pulses can be used to determine speed, position and length. For this reason, the rotary encoder is also often referred to as an encoder …
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