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Human and machine – hand in hand. With our extensive experience in robotics, we not only advise you on the acquisition of a cobot. We also provide you with robotics arms tailored to your specific needs, enabling you to optimize your cobot usage, increase cycle times, and reduce costs.

Robotic at ringbach GmbH

We support and advise you with years of experience and expertise in the purchase of a cobot, offering you a personalized and optimized robotic arm tailored to your specific use.

The acquisition of a cobot is often simple and sensible in most cases. However, with more than 50 manufacturers and hundreds of different cobots, it can be challenging, without experience and in-depth knowledge, to find the right cobot. At ringbach, we assist you with our extensive experience and expertise in identifying the right cobot for your application.

The next step after acquiring a cobot is to find a suitable arm. Not every cobot arm can handle all required tasks, and high costs are often associated with this. At ringbach, we design a specifically tailored and cost-effective end effector for your application, capable of seamlessly handling your tasks.

The use of a cobot requires in-depth knowledge of the program accompanying the cobot. At ringbach, we design a user-friendly program for you that is perfectly tailored to your cobot, enabling optimized utilization.

For certain tasks, it is necessary to enclose the cobot in an enclosure. This reduces the potential for danger while providing protection for the robot against environmental influences. At ringbach, we design and build the appropriate enclosure tailored specifically to your cobot and application.

Safety is paramount in the field of robotics. When people need to work directly alongside or with robots, ensuring the safety of individuals is of utmost importance. At ringbach, we are always available to advise you on all matters related to cobots and safety.

The use of cobots is a complex and comprehensive topic that raises many questions. Whether it’s about safety, usage, or the software of cobots, we offer training sessions on cobots as needed.

Why should you consider buying a cobot? Cobots can be deployed flexibly. They enable the replacement of humans in simple, repetitive tasks to avoid errors and injuries. At the same time, cobots can also work in collaboration with humans. The advantage over industrial robots is that they are more compact, precise, and significantly safer. Therefore, they do not need to be enclosed in protective devices and can work directly alongside humans. Cobots also play a role in reshoring as they can completely replace low-wage positions.


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Whether it’s consultation, manufacturing end-of-arm tools, software, or enclosures – at ringbach, we support you with years of experience and expertise.

Feel free to send us a non-binding inquiry. We are happy to advise you, analyze your requirements, and assist you in implementation!