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About ringbach

The company ringbach was founded in Landshut in 2008 and has established itself over the years as a reliable partner for automation solutions in industrial applications. ringbach has received funding since its inception from the Landshut University of Applied Sciences, the Federal Ministry of Economics and the European Social Fund.

At the customer’s request, the ringbach team takes over both the development, design and construction as well as the sales and marketing of your individual product. This versatility makes ringbach the optimal partner for your development project.

In ringbach projects, special attention is paid to the high degree of automation and the high integration density of the development solutions. ringbach has been active in a wide variety of industries since its inception, including the automotive sector and plastics and textile processing.

Corporate development of ringbach


Foundation of ringbach Automation GbR

Benedikt Häring and others founded ringbach Automation GbR out of their studies with the aim of developing automation solutions for industrial use. The company name ringbach is also derived from the last names of the two founders. The two founders receive various grants, including the eXist founder scholarship from the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

Development and construction of the first prototype plant

In the following year, the first larger prototype system for automated laser processing of various materials is developed. The development of the system is significantly supported by the Landshut University of Applied Sciences, which provides the necessary premises and laboratory equipment for the implementation.

Move to Landshut city center

ringbach moves from the premises of the Landshut University of Applied Sciences to an office and the old town of Landshut.

Change of name from ringbach Automation to ringbach GmbH

In 2019 ringbach Automation GbR will be renamed ringbach GmbH.

Development of the "Victorysier" and construction of a prototype plant for the production of masks

After the coronavirus pandemic first became known, ringbach developed its own face shield for pandemic control, the so-called "Victorysier". In addition, ringbach used its years of expertise from previous projects to improve the manufacturing process of mouth-nose masks. For this purpose, an innovative, highly integrated production line was designed, which enables the production of certified protective masks in Germany. ringbach grows to four employees this year.

Relocation to Siemensstrasse and the start of further development projects

In 2021, ringbach will start further development and customer projects. For this purpose, new premises will be rented in Siemensstraße, the area will be expanded to over 300 m² by the end of the year. The company grows to 12 employees.

Quality management

At ringbach, working to the highest possible quality standards began in the early days. What has been lived for a long time, we have been certified by the certification company DEKRA according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 in June 2021.

Thus, we have not only committed ourselves to the claim of quality of our products and services, but also to acting responsibly with regard to the environment, energy, health and occupational safety as well as our social responsibility, especially for the Landshut area and its surroundings. That this is also put into practice at ringbach is certified by our certificate.

Our team

Benedikt Häring

General Manager and founder

Thomas Podrzycki

Head of development and construction

Andreas Wolf

Head of Marketing and Sales

David Kelnhofer

Head of quality management

Manuel Gratz

Quality management

Dennis Grußie

Software development

Michael Haberlandt

Development and simulation

Corinna Ludwig


Johannes Eichler


Maximilian Bruhn


Peter Tischler


Markus Heitzer