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Neutralization of Electrostatic Charging

Electrostatic charging is an omnipresent phenomenon with significant implications for industry and daily life. From inconspicuous friction on a carpet to industrial processes, undesirable consequences can arise. This article focuses on the necessity and solutions for neutralizing electrostatic charging. Explaining …
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Lasercutting with laser cutting machines

Laser processing with Laserschneidemaschinen is a highly specialized technique based on the precise application of laser light for material manipulation. This innovative technology has made significant strides in recent years and plays a crucial role in various industries. By harnessing …
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INVEST – Subsidy for Venture Capital

The INVEST program of BAFA has proven to be a significant initiative aimed at promoting venture capital investments in innovative companies. In a time when startups are a driving force for economic growth and innovation, the support of venture capitalists, …
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Rheology, rheometer, and rheological investigations.

As an essential field of engineering and materials science, rheology holds significant importance. It generally deals with the flow behavior of materials. From materials science to medicine and food processing, rheology finds applications in various domains. At ringbach, as experts …
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