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Air filtration and depth filtration

The quality of the air we breathe is of fundamental importance to our health and well-being. Whether we are in our own homes, at the workplace, or in public places, clean air is an essential prerequisite for a healthy life. …
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Absorption and Adsorption

Adsorption and Absorption are two fascinating phenomena that play a crucial role in a variety of fields, from chemistry to environmental engineering, from pharmacy to the food industry. They accompany us daily, and although they may sound similar, they are …
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Nonwoven – Everything you should know

Nonwoven fabric serves diverse purposes as a versatile and useful material. Here at ringbach, we engage in both the production of nonwoven fabric and its integration into a variety of systems. Whether in the clothing industry, construction engineering, or even …
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Machine Learning – A subarea of artificial intelligence

“Artificial intelligence is nothing more and nothing less than the key technology for industry and science today.” In almost all areas of life, experts see great potential for artificial intelligence (AI) opportunities. In particular, experts see great potential in quality …
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Application of pneumatic systems

In engineering and science, the use of air and neutral gases to generate pressure is referred to as pneumatics. Pneumatics is a subfield of fluid technology, just like hydraulics. Pneumatic systems, also called control systems, occupy an important position within …
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