“Where substances flow, rheology begins!”

What exactly is rheology?

Rheology is part of plastics technology, which deals with the deformation and flow behavior of a wide variety of materials under the action of forces. Plastics in particular are characterized by their special flow behavior. Many common materials exhibit complex rheological properties. The viscosity and viscoelasticity, i.e. how viscous and elastic the material is, change depending on external conditions such as mechanical load, temperature and time. Rheological properties affect the entire phase of the product cycle across many industries, so it is very useful to understand them so you can work with them better.

What is measured with a rheometer?

A rheometer can be used to measure the viscosity and elasticity of various plastic compounds at different temperature ranges. By determining these parameters, conclusions can also be drawn about the flow behavior of the plastic. This is particularly relevant if the plastic is used in forming processes such as plastic injection molding or extrusion. The data obtained can then be used, for example, to perform flow simulations for the design of injection molding or extrusion tools.

How does measurement with a rheometer work?

Our rheometer from the world market leader Göttfert is a so-called high-pressure capillary rheometer. With the aid of this device, the molten plastic is conveyed under high pressure through a thin capillary. The pressure occurring upstream of the capillary drops to ambient pressure by the time it reaches the end of the capillary. The pressure change and the volume flow within the capillary are measured and rheological characteristics are determined from them. The data are then presented in clear diagrams.
Our services include carrying out rheological measurements of your plastic compounds. At our location in Landshut, we have a Göttfert Rheograph 6000 at our disposal, with which fast and precise measurements can be carried out for you. For further information or a specific inquiry, please feel free to contact us!