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Laser Processing – Laser Engraving – SPARKS GmbH

Case Study: Innovative Customization of Card Reels through Laser Cutting Technology

In this case study, we present a creative solution developed for our client, “SPARKS GmbH”. The specific task was to customize card reels or badge reels with the “SPARKS GmbH” logo. In achieving this, we not only utilized the advanced laser cutting technology of our Universal Laser Systems machine but also integrated a Universal Robots cobot and a vacuum suction device designed by us into the manufacturing process.

Company: SPARKS GmbH

SPARKS GmbH is a leading engineering company in the automotive sector known for its exceptional quality. They develop innovative solutions for the seamless integration of overall systems in vehicles and ensure them through their own products. Within 10 years, the number of employees at SPARKS GmbH increased from 11 to 170. We, as ringbach GmbH, are proud to be a long-standing partner of SPARKS GmbH. More about SPARKS GmbH can be found here.

Challenge: Personalized Card Reels with Company Logo

The challenge was to provide individual card reels for “SPARKS GmbH” featuring the company logo. The traditional market did not offer suitable solutions, and conventional methods were often costly and inflexible in terms of design adjustments and delivery times.

Solution: Integrated Technologies for Automated Engraving and Packaging

  1. Laser Cutting Technology:
    The precise and high-quality laser cutting technology from Universal Laser Systems enabled the engraving of the individual “SPARKS GmbH” logo on each card reel.
  2. Universal Robots Cobot:
    We integrated a collaborative robot from Universal Robots to automatically lift the card reels into the laser machine for engraving and then remove them afterward. The cobot helped reduce labor costs and automate repetitive tasks.
  3. Vacuum Suction Device:
    Our vacuum suction device, designed through 3D printing and rapid prototyping, ensured precise placement of the unengraved card reels into the laser machine and gentle removal after engraving, ensuring careful handling of the products.

  4. Automatic Sorting:
    After engraving, the personalized card reels were automatically sorted into a carton by our cobot, further automating the entire process.

Results and Benefits:

  1. Efficiency Improvement:
    By integrating the cobot and vacuum suction device, we automated the entire production process, significantly increasing efficiency and avoiding the need for manual labor in repetitive tasks.
  2. Precision and Quality:
    The combination of laser cutting technology and automatic handling ensured precise engraving and high product quality.
  3. Cost Optimization:
    Process automation led to a reduction in production costs, enabling cost-effective mass production. The order could be processed without labor costs due to full automation.
  4. Fast Delivery:
    The automatic sorting and packaging of personalized card reels enabled fast delivery of finished products to our customer. Thanks to the complete automation of the process, the end product could be delivered to the customer in just a few days.


The successful implementation of this project not only demonstrates the capabilities of laser cutting technology, cobots, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping but also the potential for automation and efficiency improvement in custom production. We are proud to find innovative solutions that not only meet our customers’ requirements but also make optimal use of the latest technologies.

If you are also looking for automated and efficient solutions for your manufacturing requirements, we are here to assist you. Contact us to explore creative ways and develop innovative solutions together.

Our services here in Landshut include consulting, manufacturing of end-of-arm tools, software, enclosures for cobots, as well as 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and laser processing.

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